Donna Freeman

Donna Freeman

My name is Donna Freeman. I’m a teacher, yoga instructor, lover of good food, dog owner, author, runner, mother of 4, and sweetie to 1. 

I live in St Albert, Alberta, Canada which is lovely during the summer and cold as h*** in winter. If you don’t believe me come visit in January. I grew up in beautiful Castlegar, BC with my brother and 3 sisters where we ran amok in the neighbourhood as kids and either rented movies, attended school sporting events, or hung out with friends as teens. I was also a Rotary Exchange student and spent a unforgetable year living in Brasília, Brazil.

I met my husband while studying at the Faculté St Jean, French Faculty of the UofA, in Edmonton. It was love over verb conjugations and Midnight Oil concerts. We married, studied, lived in Taiwan, Japan, and South Africa, and travelled the world before, much to my mother’s relief, finally settling down to suburban life.

I started doing yoga when expecting my oldest and living in Cape Town. There was a yoga studio just down the street from our flat so when my doctor said no more running, I figured I’d give it a try. From the first I loved it! To this day I come home from class with more vitality and enthusiasm than when I started  – except maybe after teaching elementary school kids all day everyday for a week – then I just want to crawl into bed. In order to share my enthusiasm for yoga and how it relates to kids I’ve created Yoga In My School.

The intent of Yoga In My School is:

  1. to empower parents and teachers to access the benefits of yoga by providing a website which collects everything related to yoga for kids and teens
  2. to make yoga more accessible and answer your yoga questions
  3. to provide information about yoga – what it is, what it can do for you, how to do it
  4. to show how to make yoga a part of your children‘s/student‘s lives, and
  5. to introduce yoga to kids and teens, allowing them to have fun, explore, create, and benefit in tremendous ways from this ancient and fulfilling practise.

For an explanation on the name Yoga In My School visit Yoga In My School Means Yoga In My Life.

I’ve been teaching yoga to kids and teens in school and home settings since 2002. In addition, I train parents and teachers on how to get in there and do some yoga. Its easy and fun. If you are interested in booking a session or want more information of what I do e-mail me at donna@yogainmyschool.com

I hope you will enjoy this site. Make sure you down load the FREE yoga adventure story The Pet Store/L’animalerie.  Please subscribe to my RSS Feed for all the latest news as it comes hot off the presses. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, feel, or want to know about. I want to hear your stories and personal experiences of yoga with kids and teens. There are so many great ideas and creative teachers out there. Let’s share our journey so as to create a vibrant yoga community.

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