Blow Painting: Pranayama for Kids and Teens


Blow Painting is a fun, colorful and interactive way to teach kids to lengthen their exhale. Enjoy practicing pranayama (yogic breathing) while creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.


  • piece of cardstock
  • a straw
  • various colors of craft paint

NOTE: Cover your surface area with newspaper to protect it as this can be a little messy.

Place a few dots of craft paint on the cardstock. Use the straw to blow the paint around. This can be done in a pattern, design or free style. Whatever suits your creativity that day.

The NEW ebook Pranayama for Kids and Teens is packed with ideas, exercises and games on how to teach kids and teens to effectively and efficiently use their breath to focus attention, calm anxiety, and improve respiratory function.


Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Discover breathing techniques to calm anxiety, focus attention and improve respiratory function for children and teens. Improve health and vitality easily and effectively with 30 breathing exercises and 21 breathing games. Resource includes how and why to teach conscious breathing to various ages, benefits of pranayama, using props, breath w sound, combining movement w breath, and respiratory system word find. 27 pages full color PDF.

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  1. shep says:

    Great idea, thanks for the demo video ….. keep it up!


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