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Blow Painting: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

Blow Painting is a fun, colorful and interactive way to teach kids to lengthen their exhale. Enjoy practicing pranayama while creating one of a kind art work.

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The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

Help youth relax, increase vitality and improve self awareness with YIMS newest release Pranayama for Kids and Teens. Includes 30 breathing exercises, 21 breathing games and much more.

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Gratitude Mindful Breathing

An easy way to increase feelings of thanksgiving and contentment is through this pranayama technique part of the Thanksgiving Kids and Teens Yoga Class booklet

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Pranayama Benefits Athletes

The benefits of focused breathing practice (pranayama) for young athletes go beyond the physical.

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My Favorite Kids Yoga Prop – Live Flowers

Discover how to incorporate flowers into your kids yoga classes: mindfulness, breathing, poses, relaxation and more ideal for children of all ages.

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Ayurveda for Kids with Cate Stillman

Discover how to help your family life a healthier more vital life with a few easy Ayurvedic practices.

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