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Yoga Core Strength Exercises

Five fabulous yoga poses to strengthen the core, increase resiliency, improve posture and reduce stress.

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Ten Trees: Varieties of Tree Pose

Discover how to take a basic yoga tree pose and make it into something playful, creative and interesting. From tree pose with namaste hands to tricky tree and beyond you’re sure to find inspiration for your next kids yoga class in Ten Trees. How many varieties can you come up with?

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Forward Fold: Yoga in the Classroom

Today we are going to learn how to do a forward bend that helps to energize the body, calm the mind, and improve circulation and flexibility.

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Kids Yoga Games – Musical Mats

Musical chairs meets yoga. A fun, inclusive version of the classic game combining upbeat music, kids favourite yoga poses and loads of energy. Be sure to check out the Teachers Assistant and Partner Poses variations.

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Bug Yoga: Yoga Poses for Kids

In this video we demonstrate how to teach three bug yoga poses: butterfly pose, dead bug pose and spider pose. This is an ideal way to incorporate yoga into the science curriculum or a unit on insects and engage kinaesthetic learning.

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Kids Yoga Poses – Chair Pose – Utkatasana

Have you ever felt really sluggish and tired at school. Here’s a great way to energize your day. It’s called chair pose, utkatasana.

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