Integrity is a Muscle

Empower Youth K-12

We are pleased to announced the launch of Integrity is a Muscle: a program to empower children and teens.  This is accomplished by showing them how to enthusiastically connect with themselves and develop a firm foundation of skills and attitudes which will increase identity and understanding, and help withstand negative forces. Students are able to clearly understand and successfully live lives of peace and happiness today and in the future through comparing integrity to skeletal muscles and integrating nine character-developing themes.

Integrity is a Muscle examines moral character, and provides hands-on experience with defining and developing a life built on integrity while being interactive, engaging and fun.

Schools Teach Integrity

Integrity is a Muscle can be implemented in schools in a variety of ways:

  • School Assembly: A 40-60 minute interactive, dynamic, introspective and kinaesthetic presentation of the themes to the entire school body where mindfulness and mind-body skills provide personal experience with integrity, cultivate awareness and build resiliency.
  • 10 Weekly Classes: Highlight one theme per week for a fast track approach to developing a culture of integrity which includes a 30 minute class held weekly where each aspect of the theme is considered.
  • Monthly Themes: Adopt one theme per month throughout the school year. By focusing in depth on one theme each month students, teachers and administrators can delve deeply into the topic to increase understanding and foster an atmosphere and culture of integrity within their school.

Applicable to all students K-12, Integrity is a Muscle helps define and foster living with integrity in order to be happy and peaceful.

Cultivate a culture of integrity within each individual, home and school by contacting Donna Freeman at or calling 780-903-6544.

Handbook for Parents and Teachers

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All programs are accompanied by the Integrity is a Muscle: Handbook for Parents and Teachers. The handbook guides parents and teachers in how to nurture integrity through the Discuss questions, Cultivate activities and Reflect personal writing sections, as well as providing step by step instructions for the Mindfulness and Mindful-Body Skills taught during the assembly and classes.

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Mindfulness & Mindful-Body Skills

Yoga poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques which physically reinforce the theme, cultivate awareness, and build resiliency to manage the strain and stress of life.


Thought provoking questions for personal reflection and group discussion to promote understanding and integration.


Suggestions on how to develop integrity and live each theme. Some will be simple activities which will take only a moment, others more challenging and of longer duration.


Space to record your thoughts and reflections on how the theme applies in your life, how to live it fully, and what actions you can take to reflect your commitment to living with integrity. Record experiences and write down goals and progress.

Themes of Integrity is a Muscle

  • Daily Act of Kindness
  • Take Aim
  • Firm as a Mountain
  • Grow Like a Tree
  • Open Your Heart
  • Life is Tough: You are Tougher
  • Be a Friend
  • Persevere = Stick with It
  • Find Peace

Contact to learn how integrity can be developed in your school.

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