Jr & Sr High

Integrity is a Muscle

A program to empower children and youth. This is accomplished by showing them how to enthusiastically connect with themselves and develop a firm foundation of skills and attitudes which will increase identity and understanding, and help withstand negative forces. Students are able to clearly understand and successfully live lives of peace and happiness today and in the future through comparing integrity to skeletal muscles and integrating nine character-developing themes. Visit the Integrity is a Muscle page for further information.

Yoga in Junior and Senior High

Teenagers need a greater challenge and more detailed yoga instruction while keeping it fun and engaging. Yoga is especially suited to Fit for Life, PE, school athletic teams, and CALM classes. Teachers can decide if they want:

  • a series of 3 classes which progressively teach yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques (includes standing poses, balance poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions)
  • a vin yoga routine which teaches stress management and relaxation techniques
  • a yoga with the chair routine which will challenge the body while using a chair as a support
  • instruction in how to perform Sun Salutations – an all over body workout and great introduction to yoga, this is the recommended¬†cross-training workout for athletes¬†(see Yoga for Dryland Training)[media id=5]

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