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Gratitude Mindful Breathing

An easy way to increase feelings of thanksgiving and contentment is through this pranayama technique part of the Thanksgiving Kids and Teens Yoga Class booklet

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My Favourite Yoga Prop – Scarves

Scarves are fun and creative to use in kids yoga class. Here are a number of ideas from breathing to yoga games with a scarf.

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Daily Act of Kindness: Breathe

This is an excerpt from Integrity is a Muscle: a program developed to empower children and teens as they connect with themselves developing a firm foundation of skills and attitudes in order to increase identity and understanding and withstand negative forces.

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Mindfulness for Youth with Dr Dan Siegel

Discover the importance of mindful awareness in youth to foster positive mental, physical and relational health and well-being during this 30 minute interview with mindfulness expert Dr Daniel Siegel.

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Ten Breaths: A Yoga Breathing Game for Teens

This game helps to deliberately focus attention so that you become aware of being present in each moment. It also helps teens become aware of how easy it is to get distracted and how to get back on track.

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Sharing Yoga with Kids with Shana Meyerson

Long before yoga for kids became mainstream Shana Meyerson was teaching downdogs and meditation to children. The founder of Mini Yogis joins us to discuss how yoga addresses the mental, emotional and physical issues facing today’s kids.

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