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Useful and Fun Yoga Games – Yoga Jenga

Most of us are familiar with the game of physical and mental skill called Jenga where a number of wooden blocks are stacked in a tower and each player must try to remove one block per turn using only one hand without toppling the tower. Adding a yoga element to this classic game is a sure fire hit to include in yoga class.

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8 Dirty Truths About Teaching Kids Yoga

Kids yoga classes are different from adult yoga classes. Before you decide to become a kids yoga instructor, or start doing yoga with your class at school, you’ll want to become familiar with these 8 dirty truths about teaching yoga to kids. 1. There will be tears…

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Yoga for Boys Interview with Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Join Yoga In My School and special quest Aruna Kathy Humphrys of Young Yoga Masters as they discuss yoga for boys.

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Warrior Poses – Anger and Heartbreak to Heal and Defend

A personal application of, “This is Virabhadra, the personification of righteous anger and the noble impulse to defend the innocent.”

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5 Ways Yoga Develops Self-Confidence in Teens

Recently I wrote an article for Radical Parenting, a parenting site written by teens and gives you the straight facts on how to raise a teen in today’s crazy, mixed up world. The article lists five ways yoga helps teens develop self-confidence and gain greater understanding of who they are and what is really important in life.

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Yoga Twists for Teens A Challenge with Benefits

We’re taking the yoga twist factor up a notch, as any good teen is want to do, increasing the difficulty and getting deeper into yoga twists. Teenagers bodies are now prepared for more of a challenge when it comes to twists. We’ll cover four twists here which are great for teens.

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