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Tender Tootsies Foot Massage for Fabulous Summer Feet

Discover how to give a fabulous foot massage to keep your tootsies looking their best for summer sandals. This video demonstrates how to use two simple, environmentally friendly products, which can be made at home.

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Sending Joy: Lift Yourself & Others with Focused Intention

This game uses the universal human connection to focus and enjoy trying to connect with someone far away. It will help reduce feelings of isolation and imprint uplifting thoughts for others and self upon the soul.

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Changing Channels – Mindfulness Activities for Kids

This particular technique helps individuals to recognize and regulate their emotions more effectively. Have you ever felt sad, anxious, worried, afraid? We all have.

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Kids Yoga Outside – Summer Yoga is Everywhere

Summertime is for playing outside. These kids recently took their yoga out of doors and played with various props (rocks, statues, and benches) found along a river. The inspiration came from the gorgeous First Nations themed statues

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Meditation Owl Teaches Kids to Look Within

Kids Yoga Class this week we learned how to meditate. The kids didn’t really understand what it meant to meditate, so with the help of Meditation Owls we discovered how easy it is to meditate and look inside to learn more about ourselves.

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Mantra Chanting Stuffies Inspire World Happiness

Mantras are sounds, syllables, words or phrases which can create change. A saying from the Vedas states “Speech is the essence of humanity.” As such, our speech has the power to influence ourselves and our world through vibration and intent. Please enjoy Two-ey and Minty as they sing Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu from the indomitable Beth Lapides.

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