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Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Kids Yoga Story {Review and Giveaway}

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure has an eco-friendly theme perfect for use in classrooms. This book is a fabulous way to learn about the rain forest and incorporate yoga poses.

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Ten Trees: Varieties of Tree Pose

Discover how to take a basic yoga tree pose and make it into something playful, creative and interesting. From tree pose with namaste hands to tricky tree and beyond you’re sure to find inspiration for your next kids yoga class in Ten Trees. How many varieties can you come up with?

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Earth Day Every Day with myEARTH360 Founder

Lynn Hasselberger of myEARTH360.com talks about sustainable living with tips on how to make every day Earth Day and much more. Small changes in the products we use and our daily consumption can make a huge impact on the earth.

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Yoga on Wheels with I Love Yoga: Green Bus Project

With over 108 stops in 12 months the I Love Yoga: Green Bus Project brings yoga to studios, conferences, campuses and festivals in a unique way. Get in touch with the founders of the Green Bus Project in this interview.

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Reflections 2010 with Waylon Lewis

From awards to fav posts, Waylon Lewis shares his perspectives on the past year, his greatest challenges and living the bodhisattva vow.

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