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Newark Yoga Movement: Bringing Yoga to Every Child

The Newark Yoga Movement’s mission is to help children in NJ reach their full potential. Founder Debbie Kaminsky shares her vision for bringing the benefits of yoga to every child so they may increase focus, peacefulness, confidence and creativity.

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Ayurveda for Teens with Cate Stillman

A teenager’s life can be filled with turmoil and stress. Cate Stillman, ayurvedic specialist, joins us to discuss how teens can take care of themselves in holistic and natural ways to ensure they live happy, healthy lives.

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Yoga Workshops for Teachers

February is Teachers Convention month in Alberta. Teachers need to enrich themselves personally and professionally. Here are a few workshops which can be used for in-service or PD Days: Once Upon a Pose, Yoga for Teens, Yoga with a Chair.

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Christmas Morning Walking Meditation

Christmas morning dawned amid blue skies and hoar frost. It was a balmy -15 celsius out, so I snagged my husband’s Nikon and the dog and went to explore a nearby park. Here are some photos from my walking meditation to celebrate the season.

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How Yoga Helps Teens Battle Eating Disorders

Yoga has proven to be highly therapeutic and relatively non-threatening when working with those struggling with eating disorders. It provides a gentle awakening of the mind with a soft embrace of the body as it helps to re-establish the connection between the mind and body which can become highly disengaged for individuals with eating disorders.

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