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Chanting OM: Teaching Kids to Chant {Video}

Today Alea has joined me. She is going to learn a few mudras, hand positions that you can do while chanting OM. As well as the different aspects of the sound itself. Part 2 in a four part series.

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OM The Sound of the Universe

One of the easiest, and most approachable, ways to teach “om” as well as the Hindu symbolism of this sacred sound.

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Thanksgiving Playlist for Kids & Teens Yoga Class

Bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart with this special thanksgiving inspired kid and teen friendly playlist for yoga classes from our Thanksgiving Kids & Teens Yoga Class.

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Kira Willey: Music, Yoga and Life

Musician and yoga instructor Kira Willey shares her experiences of having her song ‘Colors’ featured in a Dell Computer ad campaign, explores how music touches lives and is an effective teaching tool, and previews a song ‘Mr Cricket Hop’ from her new CD to be released in September.

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A Day at Kids Yoga Camp

Children are often intrigued by the idea of yoga camp. However they and their parents may not have any idea of what they are really going to be doing during their time at camp. Here is a list of some activities you can expect from a well organized kids yoga camp.

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Benefits of Music in Kids Yoga Class

Using music in a children’s yoga class is a wonderful way to allow them to develop their bodies and minds. From simple nursery rhymes to custom written kids yoga scores, children will respond positively to melodies and movement.

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