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Wall Street Journal Features Kids Yoga

It was with some trepidation that I googled the article Monday morning. First I found the video. How fun! Then I clicked on the article and found myself in tears as I read. Emily had done a fabulous job with the material … and I even got quoted.

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Tim Thomas Hockey All Star and Yoga Master

Tim Thomas, one of the Boston Bruins goalies, uses yoga to enhance his hockey performance and stay on top of his game both physically and mentally. We are thrilled with the example he is setting for young hockey players and other elite athletes.

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What adults can learn from kids

Adora Svitak, prolific short story writer and blogger, addressed TED recently. At the mature age of 12, she promotes more “childish” thinking to solve many of the world’s problems. YIMS loves her enthusiasm, her clarity of thought, her quest for a brighter tomorrow.

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Is Yoga a Competition?

Lately there has been a debate raging around the yoga community regarding developing competitive yoga with an eye to having it accepted as an Olympic sport. Some find this philosophically wrong as yoga is about acceptance and personal growth. While others enjoy the individual challenge that the competitions emphasize.

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How Yoga Helps Teens Battle Eating Disorders

Yoga has proven to be highly therapeutic and relatively non-threatening when working with those struggling with eating disorders. It provides a gentle awakening of the mind with a soft embrace of the body as it helps to re-establish the connection between the mind and body which can become highly disengaged for individuals with eating disorders.

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Diet vs Exercise – How to Win the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Timesonline reports that new research stresses that exercise does NOT result in weight loss. This is shocking as it attacks the entire culture that exercise is key to losing weight which has been accepted as fact since the 1980s aerobics boom. So why doesn’t exercise work? Two factors are key …

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