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54 Fun Family Activities for Summer Yoga Style

After having successfully completed another school year you can’t wait to spend time doing nothing. But to help keep boredom at bay here are some yoga themed suggestions to keep kids active mentally and physically and also nurture them emotionally.

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The Yoga Way to Winter Solstice

Here in Alberta Canada we notice the solstices. Today the sun will rise at 8:48 am and set at 4:16 pm local time. Yes, you read those times correctly. Not quite 71/2 hours of daylight. It’ll be dark as you go to work/school and dark as you come home.

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How Yoga Helps Teens Battle Eating Disorders

Yoga has proven to be highly therapeutic and relatively non-threatening when working with those struggling with eating disorders. It provides a gentle awakening of the mind with a soft embrace of the body as it helps to re-establish the connection between the mind and body which can become highly disengaged for individuals with eating disorders.

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Life Lessons for Kids from the Law of the Harvest

Planting, tending and harvesting a garden teaches numerous life lessons. This annual exercise connects us to the earth, teaches patience, hard work & diligence. And of course, there is the harvest: delicious & favourful on our plates and in our pantries.

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Don’t Rush Your Kids Mindful Eating Key to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

When I was young I learned that in order to get a few more valuable minutes of sleep all I had to do was eat breakfast quickly. By the time high school rolled around breakfast was inhaled in 5 minutes or less. On a side note, thanks Mom & Dad for always getting up and [...]

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