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Cooking Inexpensive and Healthy Meals for your Kids

Many parents struggle with finding inexpensive ways to feed their families nutrient-rich meals, but with a few simple tips, all parents can adequately provide their families with the nutrients they need without breaking the bank.

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54 Fun Family Activities for Summer Yoga Style

After having successfully completed another school year you can’t wait to spend time doing nothing. But to help keep boredom at bay here are some yoga themed suggestions to keep kids active mentally and physically and also nurture them emotionally.

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Beat with Heat with Yoga for Summer: Guest Melina Meza

Gear up for summer sizzle just in time for the summer solstice with seasonal yoga tips from Melina Meza. Discover how adjusting your lifestyle in accordance with the seasons improves life’s natural rhythms and prevents seasonal imbalances.

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Human Body Detectives Review and Give Away

Learning about the body is fun! That’s the message Dr Heather Manley, a naturopathic physician based in Hawaii, is sharing with kids, parents and teachers.

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Yoga at Home – Involve Kids in the Kitchen

My kids love to cook. It started when they were very young and I’d ask them to stir jello, make playdough, or dump measured ingredients into the bowl to make muffins or cookies. These days… Here are some suggestions and resources for involving kids in the kitchen.

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Children’s Relationship to Food Needs an Overhaul

Today children are inundated with poor food options. From chicken nuggets to processed treats, its all readily available and marketed to the hilt. One of the worst culprits is school lunch.

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