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Making the Most of Your Time in The New Year: 365 Days of …

365 days ahead in which to do, to create, to heal, to rejoice, to connect, to become.

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Back to School Yoga ABCs

Back to school yoga ABC’s: essential school supplies which will help youth succeed in the classroom as well as in life

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Life Lessons from a Butterfly

Butterflies can teach us so much about change, growth and embracing our best selves. Let your inner butterfly dance upon the breeze with these life lessons.

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The Curvy Yoga Revolution with Anna Guest-Jelley

Anna & Donna discuss why happiness is not related to the number on the scale, society’s obsession with thin, the curvy yoga revolution, and how to recognize and achieve your goals today.

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Learning to Fly: A Thirteen Year Relationship with Crow Pose

Thirteen years. It took thirteen years for me to finally figure out crow pose. Some of the lessons I learned on the way to learning how to fly and how they teach children to reach for their own dreams.

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Put Me in the Zoo – Old Favourite: New Lessons

This year during summer vacation my six year old loved reading the Dr Seuss books. As I read Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire for the upteenth time I was struck by the fundamental life lessons found within those pages.

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