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Planting Seeds of Personal Growth in Life’s Garden

I love spring! It’s my favourite season because I get to dig around in the garden. I use this time to teach my children about what needs to happen under the surface before you can see the results. It’s much like life.

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Yoga is against my religion?

Recently I was chatting with a fellow Mom as we waited to pick our children up from school. She was interested to know how things were going with my book and what I was up to. I invited her to join the Wednesday morning Yoga Sampler class I teach as an introduction to the many styles of yoga so she could begin to enjoy the benefits of the practice. She graciously declined saying yoga wasn’t for her because it turned the attention away from God and onto the individual.

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Namaste Hands Celebrate and Connect

Namaste hands, Anjali Mudra, is a symbolic gesture used widely in yoga. This mudra helps you to listen mentally and physically, brings a sense of calm, peace and connectedness, and reminds us that life is a gift.

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Warrior Poses – Anger and Heartbreak to Heal and Defend

A personal application of, “This is Virabhadra, the personification of righteous anger and the noble impulse to defend the innocent.”

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In Search of a Soft Heart

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I’ve been attempting to soften my heart, to open it to the richness and wonder of the world, to increase my ability to connect in a meaningful way to those with whom I come in contact. And so I’ve been contemplating my heart…

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Yoga Life Lessons from a Blizzard in Montreal

Arriving in Montreal in the middle of a blizzard was not the way I anticipated meeting ‘la belle ville.’ Then, having the wrong directions (thank you Google Maps) from the airport to the hotel didn’t help matters. However, it did teach me an eternal truth…

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