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Kids Yoga and the Power of Storytelling

Explore the magic that happens whenever you combine oral storytelling and yoga as children unleash their creativity, develop listening and literacy skills and connect with their inner selves with guest Sydney Solis.

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Poetry in Kids Yoga Class – The Owl and the Pussy Cat

The children’s classic The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear is a perfect example of how to combine literature and movement. It’s easy to see how yoga poses such as eagle pose … master storyteller and children’s yoga expert Sydney Solis takes a group through the poem along with the corresponding yoga poses.

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Yoga Adventure Stories for Kids

Kids of all ages love stories. They also love to do yoga. Learn what a yoga adventure story is, why teachers, parents and caregivers should use them, and how to use a yoga adventure story to increase flexibility, develop strength, improve balance and reduce stress.

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Warrior Poses – Anger and Heartbreak to Heal and Defend

A personal application of, “This is Virabhadra, the personification of righteous anger and the noble impulse to defend the innocent.”

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Yoga Journal Writing a Window to the Soul

Journalling has long been a tool for achieving better emotional and mental health. Adding journal writing to your yoga practice allows you to access these transformative benefits and takes the process from being simply a physical experience to becoming…

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Yoga Helps Kids Unwind and Get a Good Nights Sleep

Bedtime is often one of the most stressful times of the day for families. Kids are bouncing off the walls on their second wind, parents are exhausted, and the clock says it’s past time to be asleep. Yoga can help to bring a sense of calm, induce the relaxation response, and ensure a good night sleep for children and parents alike.

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