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My Favorite Kids Yoga Prop – Live Flowers

Discover how to incorporate flowers into your kids yoga classes: mindfulness, breathing, poses, relaxation and more ideal for children of all ages.

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Meditation for Kids

Discover the power of quiet, the benefits of mediation for children and how to easily and quickly access inner calm

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Shari Vilchez-Blatt on Kids Yoga and Partner Poses

Kids yoga expert Shari Vilchez-Blatt shares her experiences and insights teaching kids yoga in New York City

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Yoga Games Galore Ideal for Kids, Teen and Family Yoga

Yoga Games Galore 112 yoga games for physical, mental, social and emotional development. Never be at a loss of what to do for an entire yoga class, as an opening activity or to finish off the last 5 minutes.

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How Yoga Enhances Learning in the Classroom

Incorporating yoga into the classroom allows teachers to harness the power of movement and to create an enriched learning environment.

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The Benefits of Om

Ever wanted to know why it’s great to chant “Om?” Check out the many benefits of Om here.

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