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How Yoga Enhances Learning in the Classroom

Incorporating yoga into the classroom allows teachers to harness the power of movement and to create an enriched learning environment.

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Chanting OM: Teaching Kids to Chant {Video}

Today Alea has joined me. She is going to learn a few mudras, hand positions that you can do while chanting OM. As well as the different aspects of the sound itself. Part 2 in a four part series.

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OM The Sound of the Universe

One of the easiest, and most approachable, ways to teach “om” as well as the Hindu symbolism of this sacred sound.

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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat: Vital Skill for ALL Yogis

Regular yoga mat cleaning needs to be something on your yoga radar – ordor, germs, bacteria…need I say more. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to do this, or even that it needs to be done until the odor becomes rather offensive and child’s pose is no longer a pleasant experience.

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Donna Freeman Interview with Yogaandlife.com

Live radio interview of Donna Freeman as she shares her inspirations, the benefits of yoga for kids and the power behind thematic yoga adventure stories. Discover why she established Yogainmyschool.com and why she is passionate about sharing yoga with children and teens.

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My Favourite Prop – Magic Singing Bowl

There are dozens of potential uses for a singing bowl in a children’s yoga class, but the one that is the most potent is also the absolute simplest. It has a unique way of engaging children’s cooperation in the exact manner that you hope, while at the same time showing a profound respect for their independence.

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