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5 Ways to Eliminate Disruptive Behavior in Kids Yoga Class

Disruptive behaviors are a fact of life for most children. Learning to control those behaviors is an on-going and often frustrating process for them, their parents, teachers and care-givers. Here are some pointers to assist in correcting disruptive behaviors in yoga class and at home.

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Yoga and Foreign Language Learning-Good for Body and Mind

The interconnections between mind and body were like learning an entirely new language, this time the one spoken of by my mind and body. Combining my two loves I realized that yoga provides a wonderful avenue for introducing foreign language education to children and youth.

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Loving Leaves: Yoga for Autumn

Celebrating the changing seasons helps children understand the rhythms of nature and gain an appreciation for the world in which they live. Here are three wonderful ways to celebrate leaves in autumn.

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Sharing Yoga with Kids with Shana Meyerson

Long before yoga for kids became mainstream Shana Meyerson was teaching downdogs and meditation to children. The founder of Mini Yogis joins us to discuss how yoga addresses the mental, emotional and physical issues facing today’s kids.

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Kids Yoga Activities: Rope Walking

Rope Walking is a mindfulness activity which teaches focus and concentration. It also improves balance and coordination while providing a calming activity that is both challenging and soothing in nature.

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Pranayama for Kids: Breathing With Pursed Lips

Breathing with pursed lips which is a fantastic breathing technique for asthmatics as it focuses on extending the exhale making it long and slow. Using a glass of milk and a straw as a learning tool, this breathing technique will teach kids how to lengthen the exhale, fully emptying the lungs in a slow, controlled manner.

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