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Youth Yoga for Peace with Abby Wills

Life today is stressful, especially for teens. Learn how yoga helps to relieve stress and find balance while providing teens with the gifts of mindfulness, health and strength.

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How Yoga Enhances Learning in the Classroom

Incorporating yoga into the classroom allows teachers to harness the power of movement and to create an enriched learning environment.

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OM The Sound of the Universe

One of the easiest, and most approachable, ways to teach “om” as well as the Hindu symbolism of this sacred sound.

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Thanksgiving Playlist for Kids & Teens Yoga Class

Bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart with this special thanksgiving inspired kid and teen friendly playlist for yoga classes from our Thanksgiving Kids & Teens Yoga Class.

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Successful Adapted Yoga for Youth with Special Needs

An innovative adapted yoga approach is proving highly successful in helping youth with ADHD, Austim, Down Syndrome, hyperactivity and emotional disturbances. Interview with Movement founders Stephanie Gottlob and Yuki Oka.

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Daily Act of Kindness: Breathe

This is an excerpt from Integrity is a Muscle: a program developed to empower children and teens as they connect with themselves developing a firm foundation of skills and attitudes in order to increase identity and understanding and withstand negative forces.

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