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Yoga Core Strength Exercises

Five fabulous yoga poses to strengthen the core, increase resiliency, improve posture and reduce stress.

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My Favourite Yoga Prop – Scarves

Scarves are fun and creative to use in kids yoga class. Here are a number of ideas from breathing to yoga games with a scarf.

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Fourth of July Kids Yoga Sequence

If you are looking for a fun and healthy addition to your 4th of July celebrations be sure to chorale the kids for this inspiring kids yoga sequence.

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A Day at Kids Yoga Camp

Children are often intrigued by the idea of yoga camp. However they and their parents may not have any idea of what they are really going to be doing during their time at camp. Here is a list of some activities you can expect from a well organized kids yoga camp.

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Ten Trees: Varieties of Tree Pose

Discover how to take a basic yoga tree pose and make it into something playful, creative and interesting. From tree pose with namaste hands to tricky tree and beyond you’re sure to find inspiration for your next kids yoga class in Ten Trees. How many varieties can you come up with?

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Dinosaur Yoga: A Yoga Class for Kids

The perfect kids yoga class for budding paleontologists everywhere. Become a T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Pterodactyl and more.

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