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Useful and Fun Yoga Games – Sea Shells

When teaching children yoga you always need a number of yoga games at your disposal. This game requires a larger playing area – a field or gym ideally – for lots of running around. It is great to burn off some steam and get rid of excess energy while focusing their attention and developing listening skills.

Sea Shells

Review a number of yoga poses (5-8) with the children. Divide playing area into two. Designate one area as the Sea another as the Shore. Children run around both areas. When teacher says ‘Sea’, all the children run to that area. When teacher says ‘Shore’, they run to that area. When teacher says ‘Shells’, children stop and perform a yoga pose. Each time ‘Shells’ is said the children must perform a different yoga pose. The teacher may want to comment on the creativity or performance of the poses to encourage proper alignment or other desirable qualities.

Kids especially enjoy taking on the role of ‘teacher’ and making everyone run from place to place. Oh, the power!

This game can be adapted to nearly any theme. For exampe for Halloween Yoga you can use ghosts, witches and goblins, or for Christmas Yoga you can use reindeer, snowmen, Santa, or whatever combination of three similar themed words work for the topic you are covering that day.

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4 Responses to “Useful and Fun Yoga Games – Sea Shells”

  1. Nancy says:

    Kind of like Yoga Simon Says (for us old school kids) How fun!!!!

  2. My daughter does yoga in gym at her preschool, and she loves it. We also bought the Yoga Kids DVDs – not as much fun for her, but she still enjoys them. I think it’s such a great practice to get into at such young age!

  3. Great game Donna! You have so much to offer on this blog – I wish I had found you last year when I was teaching. Keep up the good work – I am sure lots of kids’ instructors and parents will have great uses for your ideas and lessons. I might just try this one with my kids in the back yard!


  1. [...] of the children’s favourite activities is the “Sea Shells” game, which my students request on a weekly basis.  I always encourage creativity in my yoga [...]

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