Character Education


Integrity is a Muscle

A program to empower children and youth. This is accomplished by showing them how to enthusiastically connect with themselves and develop a firm foundation of skills and attitudes which will increase identity and understanding, and help withstand negative forces. Students are able to clearly understand and successfully live lives of peace and happiness today and in the future, through comparing integrity to skeletal muscles and integrating nine character-developing themes. Visit the Integrity is a Muscle page for further information.

Character Education & Yoga Work Together

Over the past decade the educational community has recognized a need to teach and reinforce basic societal values to children and youth. This movement is known as Character Education. The yamas and niyamas of yoga teach these same values and are easy to incorporate into Character Education initatives. By working together these endeavors build upon one another providing the coming generation with the tools they need to succeed in today’s demanding world. See Yoga Supports and Reinforces Character Education.

The Toronto School District encouraged Character Education by focusing on one quality each month. Corresponding articles which demonstrate how yoga supports and reinforces character education are published on the site Young Yoga Masters. Here are the links.

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