Mandarin Meditation

Mandarin Meditation

Mindful eating is a way to enjoy and find pleasure in one of the most ordinary things we do. Most of the time we are so busy devouring, mindlessly, we miss the satisfaction and true enjoyment of consuming food and drink. Being conscious of what you eat involves taking the time to truly observe, savour and appreciate what we put into our bodies. It also includes using our best wisdom and knowledge to choose wholesome foods, being conscious of what is involved to get them to our table.

Enjoy this mindful eating meditation practice.

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Colored Rice Mandalas a Hit at Children’s Festival

Colored Rice Mandalas a Hit at Children’s Festival

What a week! Over 1000 people came through the Mandala Magic site activity over the 5 days of the International Children’s Festival. We used 45 gallons of rice to create hundreds of colorful mandalas.

Many teachers and parents asked how the rice was colored to achieve the bright, vibrant colors. Here is the recipe I used – the secret ingredient is hand sanitizer.

  • 8 cups rice
  • 1/2 bottle food coloring (less for lighter color)
  • 4 Tbsp hand sanitizer

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Spread in rimmed cookie sheet to dry (approx 30-45 mins).

Fostering Positive Behavior and Leadership in Youth

Fostering Positive Behavior and Leadership in Youth

Donna Freeman hosts as Karma Carpenter Shea of leads a discussion about how mindfulness and yoga in schools foster positive behavior and youth leadership skills.

Discover how to develop leadership skills, improve self-regulation and build social emotional skills in children. Teaching mindfulness and yoga skills in schools reaches 100% of kids, as well as teachers, parents and the greater community helping all to live healthier lives, get along better, reduce anxiety and succeed at life’s many challenges.

Special guests include Amy Haysman of Grounded and Susan Solvang of Growing Minds.



For more information about Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) visit

For more information about Response to Intervention (RTI) visit National Center on Response to Intervention


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