Breathing Exercises

hoberman_sphereAir Walk balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, tones the core, and improves concentration. Video demo.

Breathing with Pursed Lips is an effective breathing technique for asthmatics. Watch the video to see how to use a glass of milk and a straw to teach this pranayama technique to children.

Diaphragmatic Breathing with video tutorial

Hoberman Sphere – the best prop to use when teaching kids to breathe

Swimming Stuffies¬†uses a child’s favourite stuffed animal to teach them to take long, slow, deep breaths using their belly. Video demo. A kids yoga classic!

Take 5 is a simple technique that helps to calm the body/mind. Fantastic for use with all children especially those with special needs.

Ten Breaths helps focus energy, calm the mind and increase awareness in the present moment. A fantastic game/exercise to reduce stress and improve mindfulness.


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