Over the past couple of years I’ve received great feedback regarding the YIMS Yoga for Special Needs course and manual. For those attending the workshop there was lots of time for hands-on experience and interaction to explain the various activities and expand on the notes in the manual. However many who bought the manual online asked for more.

We’re please to announce that we have expanded and revised the YIMS Yoga for Special Needs Manual and it is now available for purchase online as an environmentally friendly PDF download.

The new version includes everything from before:

  • 7 Tips to Teaching Yoga to Children w Special Needs
  • the Most Powerful Message and Most Powerful Tool at your disposal
  • suggested breathing toys and props
  • core musculature discussion and tips to improve
  • 4 B’s of Self Calming
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Mindfulness
  • description of Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and FASD
  • techniques for working with each diagnosis
  • classroom management tips
  • research supporting effect of yoga for children with special needs

Plus so much MORE:

  • more breathing exercises & games with full descriptions
  • specific poses to develop core musculature
  • affirmation worksheet
  • sample guided visualization
  • all new meditation section
  • extensive yoga techniques for sensory processing
  • safe variations of ¬†yoga poses with instructions
  • Kundalini Kriyas
  • fun & engaging yoga games
  • links to videos, interviews and more
  • our recommended resources including books, flashcards and webinars

Every page is packed with yoga and mindfulness techniques to use as complementary therapy when working with differently abled children .

Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual
Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual
Discover how to effectively use yoga based techniques as a complementary therapy for children with special needs. Understand the needs and challenges and explore creative, fun ways of engaging and supporting children with special needs in the practice of yoga. Covers specifics for Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy and FASD. 51 full color pg PDF.

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