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How Yoga Enhances Learning in the Classroom

Incorporating yoga into the classroom allows teachers to harness the power of movement and to create an enriched learning environment.

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Going to the Beach

A group of young yogis use their creativity to enlarge the Sea Shells game from Once Upon a Pose into a intricate and exciting Going to the Beach adventure.

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5 Ways to Eliminate Disruptive Behavior in Kids Yoga Class

Disruptive behaviors are a fact of life for most children. Learning to control those behaviors is an on-going and often frustrating process for them, their parents, teachers and care-givers. Here are some pointers to assist in correcting disruptive behaviors in yoga class and at home.

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Tricky Tree: Yoga in the Classroom

Tricky Tree group yoga pose develops concentration and focus while improving balance and memory. This is an ideal pose to get students working together and is a lot of fun as our three yogis demonstrate. By employing this pose children are able to access kinaesthetic learning, engaging their minds and bodies to review a basic learning skill such as counting by twos, multiplication tables, spelling words or in this case repeating the days of the week in French.

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How to Create Focus and Purpose in Pre-School Yoga Class

It is essential that each class cater to the needs of the children by including an assortment of activities to maintain interest and engage as many senses and learning modalities as possible. A routine is also necessary to truly allow your students to thrive. Before embarking on any children’s yoga class be clear about your routine. Here’s how.

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Language Learning Thru Yoga with Beth Reese of Yoginos

Learning languages helps to bridge cultures creating greater understanding and harmony. Discover the language of yoga and how to teach Sanskrit to kids

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