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Yoga In My School mission is to share mindfulness and yoga skills inspiring others to be their best selves. We love kids of all ages and know how valuable it is for them to move, create, breathe and relax.

Our yoga programs are flexible and customized to meet your school’s needs. Our custom yoga classes are affordable and support the Alberta Program of Studies.

Let us transform your classroom, gym, music room or library into a yoga room and enjoy a meaningful, interactive and fun yoga classes which fosters body awareness, builds resiliency, improves social skills, increases calm, cultivates self-regulation and reduces stress.


Preschool/Day Care

Preschool yoga classes enable children to develop healthy habits from an early age. YIMS Preschool Yoga classes support physical, emotional and mental wellness and development of children aged 2-5 by combining yoga poses with engaging songs and stories which exercise social, sensory and motor skills. We offer an extensive list of themes to compliment those taught in your Preschool program.



Elementary students are energetic, impressionable and often easily distracted. Yoga for this age aims to improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination in an environment of cooperation, respect and well being. YIMS yoga classes help children aged 6-12 learn through fun yoga poses, partner poses, yoga games and more to build body awareness, increase focus and foster self-esteem.

Our week long Artist in Residence Program allows students to explore numerous yoga and mindfulness skills in a safe, non-competitive manner. These skills improve inner peace, reduce stress and promote focused learning allowing children to handle any situation with calm, a positive attitude and flexibility.


Junior and Senior High

Students in Junior and Senior High School often spend large portions of their day in sedentary pursuits. Teenagers need a greater challenge and more detailed yoga instruction than elementary aged students while keeping it fun and engaging. These are the years when youth are exploring their place in the world and need to be equipped with strength, flexibility, self- esteem and connection to their best self.  YIMS yoga classes help teens to discover self confidence, positive body health and awareness, emotional balance and tools for stress management.

YIMS classes and workshops can be integrated into:

  • Classrooms
  • PE
  • Fit for Life
  • CALM
  • Athletic team training
  • Assemblies
  • Professional Development
  • PTA Events


Athletic Teams

Bring the benefits of yoga to your youth sports team. Gain the same mental and physical benefits as professional athletes by incorporating yoga into your training program. YIMS Yoga for Athletes classes engage the mind and body, improve strength and flexibility and reduce recovery time.


Girl Guides

Build self-esteem, increase teamwork and promote healthy living with a YIMS visit to your Girl Guide group. Sparks to Rangers benefit from our interactive and engaging yoga classes which help girls earn badges while learning about respect, fitness, positive body image and stress management.



Enhance the camp experience with yoga. Extremely popular with all ages, our fun, educational site visits stretch and energize young bodies and minds. YIMS Camp classes encourage self expression, build social skills and nurture creativity through yoga poses, partner poses, songs, games and relaxation.



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