Yoga for Special Needs Online Course Access

Yoga for Special Needs Online Course Access

Here are the 4 webinars included in the Yoga for Children with Special Needs Online Training. You have one month to view them as many times as you’d like. We highly encourage you to print/save the accompanying HANDOUTS. You’ll also find access to the YIMS Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual via digital download and some suggestions on getting the most out of your YIMS Teacher’s Lounge All Access Pass.

Access link granted upon purchase of the course.


Teacher’s Lounge

We highly encourage you to use the SEARCH function to access the numerous resources regarding yoga for children with special needs. Topics you’ll want to search include but aren’t limited to:

Here is a sampling of some of the many resources on teaching yoga to children with special needs.



Down syndrome

Cerebral Palsy


Each month new content is added to your extensive library of resources. If you have any questions please contact



Want to receive a Yoga for Special Needs Online Certificate? Includes a 30 minute SKYPE discussion/Q&A with Donna Freeman to solidfy your knowledge plus a homework assignment.

Yoga for Children w Special Needs Certificate
Yoga for Children w Special Needs Certificate
Receive a certificate of completion for the Yoga for Children w Special Needs online course. Includes a 30 minute one-on-one with Donna Freeman plus a homework assignment to solidify your knowledge. Ideal for teachers and other professionals wanting proof for CEUs.


Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual {new and expanded}

Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual {new and expanded}

Over the past couple of years I’ve received great feedback regarding the YIMS Yoga for Special Needs course and manual. For those attending the workshop there was lots of time for hands-on experience and interaction to explain the various activities and expand on the notes in the manual. However many who bought the manual online asked for more.

We’re please to announce that we have expanded and revised the YIMS Yoga for Special Needs Manual and it is now available for purchase online as an environmentally friendly PDF download.

The new version includes everything from before:

  • 7 Tips to Teaching Yoga to Children w Special Needs
  • the Most Powerful Message and Most Powerful Tool at your disposal
  • suggested breathing toys and props
  • core musculature discussion and tips to improve
  • 4 B’s of Self Calming
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Mindfulness
  • description of Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and FASD
  • techniques for working with each diagnosis
  • classroom management tips
  • research supporting effect of yoga for children with special needs

Plus so much MORE:

  • more breathing exercises & games with full descriptions
  • specific poses to develop core musculature
  • affirmation worksheet
  • sample guided visualization
  • all new meditation section
  • extensive yoga techniques for sensory processing
  • safe variations of  yoga poses with instructions
  • Kundalini Kriyas
  • fun & engaging yoga games
  • links to videos, interviews and more
  • our recommended resources including books, flashcards and webinars

Every page is packed with yoga and mindfulness techniques to use as complementary therapy when working with differently abled children .

Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual
Yoga for Children with Special Needs Manual
Discover how to effectively use yoga based techniques as a complementary therapy for children with special needs. Understand the needs and challenges and explore creative, fun ways of engaging and supporting children with special needs in the practice of yoga. Covers specifics for Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy and FASD. 51 full color pg PDF.
The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

Breathing to Focus Attention, Calm Anxiety and Improve Respiratory Function

Help youth relax, increase vitality and improve self awareness with YIMS newest release Pranayama for Kids and Teens. This environmentally friendly, digital download provides extensive information on using effective breathing exercises and games with children of all ages from toddler to teen. Proven effective through research and in working with youth, these exercises provide fun and engaging ways to teach children to access the healing power of breathing.

The book includes:

  • 30 breathing exercises to calm or energize
  • 21 breathing games
  • numerous adaptations to accommodate age and ability
  • extensive list of the benefits of breath control
  • why use props, which props to use and how to use them
  • how to use sound to augment the benefits of conscious breathing
  • specific exercises to combine breath with movement
  • respiratory system word find
  • inspirational quotes

Here is a sneak peak under the cover.



Special introductory offer of only $14.97 for a full color 27 page PDF of Pranayama for Kids and Teens.


Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Discover breathing techniques to calm anxiety, focus attention and improve respiratory function for children and teens. Improve health and vitality easily and effectively with 30 breathing exercises and 21 breathing games. Resource includes how and why to teach conscious breathing to various ages, benefits of pranayama, using props, breath w sound, combining movement w breath, and respiratory system word find. 27 pages full color PDF.
Yoga Games Galore Ideal for Kids, Teen and Family Yoga

Yoga Games Galore Ideal for Kids, Teen and Family Yoga

Yoga Games Galore is packed with 112 yoga games for physical, mental, social and emotional development. Adding the element of play to your yoga practice and classes is a powerful and highly enjoyable approach which considers each individual as a complex and wonderful being, while honing valuable skills, traits and attributes.

Yoga Games Galore Includes

  • 20 Breathing Games such as Air Soccer, Blow Painting and Piston Breathing
  • 28 Yoga Activity Games with favorites Yogi Says, Musical Mats and Yoga Jenga, as well as Leep Yoga Frog, One Om, Who’s the Leader, Animal Imitators, Postcards, Transportation Clues and many more
  • an entire section of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation games — for example: Be a Wax Work, Puppet on a String and Turtle Walking
  • loads of yoga games to play with balls, bean bags, feathers, hula hoops, parachutes and pompoms

Enjoy accessing the many benefits of yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness while having a blast. Yoga Games Galore will take your kids/family/teen yoga classes to the next level by providing a plethora of options for every age and ability. Never be at a loss of what to do for an entire class, as an opening activity or to finish off the last 5 minutes.

Enjoy this under the cover sneak peek.

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning”

~Diane Ackerman

Yoga Games Galore is an environmentally friendly digital download arriving directly to your in-box. Save it to your hard-drive and use it again and again. Print it off for easy reference. Enjoy 40 pages of fabulous, fun yoga games.

Introductory price of only $18.97 – no shipping or handling fees (YEAH!)

Yoga Games Galore
Yoga Games Galore
Packed with 112 fabulous games, this Kids Yoga Teacher Resource is essential for teaching fun & playful kids, teens and family yoga classes. Includes breathing games, active yoga games, mindfulness games, relaxation games, and games with yoga props. Never be at a loss for what to do in class with Yoga Games Galore. 40 pg full color PDF


Members of the YIMS Teacher’s Lounge can access +20 yoga games via the Yoga Games resource page.


Donna had a wonderful time presenting at the National Kids Yoga Conference held in Washington, DC Sept 30-Oct 2. As a thank you for all those who attended and for our amazing YIMS community we are giving away a copy of Yoga Games Galore. Contest runs until October 12th.

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