The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

Breathing to Focus Attention, Calm Anxiety and Improve Respiratory Function

Help youth relax, increase vitality and improve self awareness with YIMS newest release Pranayama for Kids and Teens. This environmentally friendly, digital download provides extensive information on using effective breathing exercises and games with children of all ages from toddler to teen. Proven effective through research and in working with youth, these exercises provide fun and engaging ways to teach children to access the healing power of breathing.

The book includes:

  • 30 breathing exercises to calm or energize
  • 21 breathing games
  • numerous adaptations to accommodate age and ability
  • extensive list of the benefits of breath control
  • why use props, which props to use and how to use them
  • how to use sound to augment the benefits of conscious breathing
  • specific exercises to combine breath with movement
  • respiratory system word find
  • inspirational quotes

Here is a sneak peak under the cover.



Special introductory offer of only $14.97 for a full color 27 page PDF of Pranayama for Kids and Teens.


Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Discover breathing techniques to calm anxiety, focus attention and improve respiratory function for children and teens. Improve health and vitality easily and effectively with 30 breathing exercises and 21 breathing games. Resource includes how and why to teach conscious breathing to various ages, benefits of pranayama, using props, breath w sound, combining movement w breath, and respiratory system word find. 27 pages full color PDF.


  1. Hi Donna,
    I am going to be teaching a yoga workshop at my son’s elementary school and I would like to buy the Pranayama for Kids and Teens web book. Is PayPal the only way to purchase this?

    ellen van wees

    • As you click on purchase you will see options to purchase using a creditcard. Simply follow the prompts. If you have troubles let me know and we can process it over the phone.

  2. Teenagers need to know how to transmute their energies, but to do so successfully, they need to be well trained about it. They need to know the reasons and mechanism behind each Pranayama technique.

    Yoga Instructor


  1. Pause. Breathe. Proceed. | Kids Yoga Academy - [...] webinar is but a sampling of the many engaging and effective techniques found in the new e-book Pranayama for …

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