Win a Copy of Trauma Informed Yoga by Joanne Spence

Win a Copy of Trauma Informed Yoga by Joanne Spence

Donna Freeman, founder of Yoga In My School and host of the podcast, recently sat down and chatted with Joanne Spence about her new book Trauma Informed Yoga (release date March 9. 2021).

Listen to their conversation about trauma, the importance of becoming trauma informed, polyvagal theory and why it’s important, and specific tools that everyone/anyone can use to help self regulate. 

Enter to win a copy of her book. Contest runs March 1-8, 2021. Open to all 18 years of age and over. Winner will be contacted via email. Multiple entries encouraged.


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Mindful Advent: Daily Dose of Peace and Calm

Mindful Advent: Daily Dose of Peace and Calm

My gift to you this holiday season. Daily doses of peace, calm, and connection. Enjoy 25 days of movement, mudras, and meditations that invite joy and reduce stress through short videos that foster calm and connection in your life.

You can access the videos

Highlights include:

  • Angel Breath
  • Candy Cane Pose
  • Mukula Mudra
  • Chocolate Meditation
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • and more


Bunny Breathing PLUS: Give Kids More of What They Need

Bunny Breathing PLUS: Give Kids More of What They Need

Kids Love Easter Yoga. Discover an easy way to take Bunny Breath up a notch by adding in developmentally appropriate levels to stimulate body and mind.

During our weekend workshop Yoga for Preschoolers and Kids with Special Needs we cover a lot of material having to do with developmental milestones and how you can assist children to meet these milestones in creative and fun ways. What is really inspiring is by adding in somatic techniques into your kids yoga classes you are also developing essential neurological pathways and helping the brain to organize itself. Truly a win-win.

This IGTV video explains why you want to add hopping to your Bunny Breath pranayama practice.

Find the Easter Basket Lesson Plan

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Lazy 8 Breath

Lazy 8 Breath

Lazy 8 Breath or Infinity Breath is one of my favorite shape breathing techniques. I find this shape extremely soothing. Added bonus is the cross lateral work that connects left and right hemispheres of the brain helping to calm and focus.

When teaching young children provide them a printout which they can trace with their finger as they learn how to practice Lazy 8 Breath.

Feel free to use this one.

DOWNLOAD Lazy 8 Breath Printout

Once you have learned the technique you can trace an imaginary lazy 8 with your finger on your desk, your hand, your thigh, wherever. Repeat 8 times since it’s a lazy “8”.

This breathing technique is especially effective to calm and focus. Use it before exams to overcome test anxiety and invite a relaxed, alert state of mind.

For more breathing and mindfulness techniques join our Teacher’s Lounge.


The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

The Joy of Breathing: Pranayama for Kids and Teens

Breathing to Focus Attention, Calm Anxiety and Improve Respiratory Function

Help youth relax, increase vitality and improve self awareness with YIMS newest release Pranayama for Kids and Teens. This environmentally friendly, digital download provides extensive information on using effective breathing exercises and games with children of all ages from toddler to teen. Proven effective through research and in working with youth, these exercises provide fun and engaging ways to teach children to access the healing power of breathing.

The book includes:

  • 30 breathing exercises to calm or energize
  • 21 breathing games
  • numerous adaptations to accommodate age and ability
  • extensive list of the benefits of breath control
  • why use props, which props to use and how to use them
  • how to use sound to augment the benefits of conscious breathing
  • specific exercises to combine breath with movement
  • respiratory system word find
  • inspirational quotes

Here is a sneak peak under the cover.


October 2022 Special Savings of 35% for a full color 27 page PDF of Pranayama for Kids and Teens.

Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Pranayama for Kids and Teens
Discover breathing techniques to calm anxiety, focus attention and improve respiratory function for children and teens. Improve health and vitality easily and effectively with 30 breathing exercises and 21 breathing games. Resource includes how and why to teach conscious breathing to various ages, benefits of pranayama, using props, breath w sound, combining movement w breath, and respiratory system word find. 27 pages full color PDF.

Ayurveda for Kids with Cate Stillman

Ayurveda for Kids with Cate Stillman

Can’t believe it … I fed my kids completely the wrong thing for breakfast (according to Ayurvedic principles). But what did I know. I’ve eaten it all my life.

Thank goodness for Cate Stillman, YogaHealer, and her easy to employ body care skills.

As I spoke with Cate during our recent interview the idea of adopting a few basic Ayurvedic practices into our lives felt more and more doable. I have a very basic understanding of Ayurveda and know I’m a strong Pitt with Vata tendencies and some ways to help keep that in balance. But there is tons I don’t know, especially as it relates to my family and raising my children with awareness of their bodies. Sure we do yoga together, make what I believe to be healthy food choices most of the time (… I do love my chocolate), and try to get adequate rest. However, I also know that we could live healthier, more vital lives with a few tweaks here and there.

Enjoy Cate’s:

  • suggestions for curing mouth breathing and the reasons why nostril breathing is so important
  • recipe for Boo Candy and why you’ll want to make it part of your daily diet (I’m making some today)
  • tips on living a snot-free life
  • and much more

Listen HERE


Here is the article from MindBodyGreen that we refer to in the interview – Got Snot? Top 3 Reasons (and Solutions) from Ayurveda



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