Ayurveda for Kids with Cate Stillman

Ayurveda for Kids with Cate Stillman

Can’t believe it … I fed my kids completely the wrong thing for breakfast (according to Ayurvedic principles). But what did I know. I’ve eaten it all my life.

Thank goodness for Cate Stillman, YogaHealer, and her easy to employ body care skills.

As I spoke with Cate during our recent interview the idea of adopting a few basic Ayurvedic practices into our lives felt more and more doable. I have a very basic understanding of Ayurveda and know I’m a strong Pitt with Vata tendencies and some ways to help keep that in balance. But there is tons I don’t know, especially as it relates to my family and raising my children with awareness of their bodies. Sure we do yoga together, make what I believe to be healthy food choices most of the time (… I do love my chocolate), and try to get adequate rest. However, I also know that we could live healthier, more vital lives with a few tweaks here and there.

Enjoy Cate’s:

  • suggestions for curing mouth breathing and the reasons why nostril breathing is so important
  • recipe for Boo Candy and why you’ll want to make it part of your daily diet (I’m making some today)
  • tips on living a snot-free life
  • and much more

Listen HERE


Here is the article from MindBodyGreen that we refer to in the interview – Got Snot? Top 3 Reasons (and Solutions) from Ayurveda



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  1. Om Shanti! Great article! Kids health and awareness are becoming forefront on people’s minds! I swear by ayurveda for myself and kids for healing, health and yoga. For the past six years I’ve consulted regularly with an ayurvedic physician and it has brought great results in managing a variety of issues, including ADHD in myself and my daughter. I integrated it best I could for my family, creating healthy habits in an environment of awareness of their food choices and bodies, and providing tools and the options of yoga and ayurveda for them to resource as they grow older.

    In my Householder Yogini Family Yoga and Ayurveda page I have written how I have used ayurveda in the home and for yoga home school over the years with my family. https://www.storytimeyoga.com/blog/category/children-and-family-ayurveda/
    So again, great article, Cate and Donna. Definitely recommend that kids and families get on down to an ayurvedic physician today for optimum health and happiness! It will change the world I’m sure – a ripple effect from the force of bringing ourselves and our families into balance and aligned with nature through ayurveda and yoga. Best wishes! SYDNEY

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