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The YIMS Teacher’s Lounge in your online resource for everything you need to thrive as a kids yoga professional.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to engage students, lesson ideas to spark imagination and engage students, child friendly pose adaptations, tools to become a success yogipreneur, or want to connect with other dedicated kids yoga professionals the YIMS Teacher’s Lounge is there for you.

teachers-lounge800Your All Access Pass enables you to:

  • Positively transform your kids and teen yoga classes
  • Feel supported and encouraged every step of the way
  • Access the extensive library of YIMS resources including articles, interviews and videos
  • Dive deeper into topics of interest to kids yoga enthusiasts
  • Have a question, ask and we’ll be happy to answer
  • PLUS 25% off all online courses and digital products

Get all the kids yoga resources and support you need, anytime you need them.

Annual Membership
Annual Membership
Price: $183.00

Sign UP for YIMS Teacher’s Lounge and You’ll Gain Access to

  • +300 kids and teen yoga teacher resources
  • 21 fun Yoga Games
  • ready to implement lesson plans
  • the Alphabetical List of Kids Yoga Poses including partner & group pose variations
  • child appropriate Pranayama techniques and games
  • relaxation exercises to soothe and restore
  • mindfulness tools to develop focus and calm
  • tips for implementing yoga for children with special needs
  • How to use Affirmations to transform
  • How to use props: hula hoops, parachutes, rocks, stuffed animals, flowers, scarves & more
  • tips to establish and grow a successful kids yoga business

Our resource library is continually being expanded with new content each month so you’re always inspired,

Pennies a Day

The YIMS Teacher’s Lounge All Access Pass is only $183.00 USD a yearThat’s $0.50 a day. Yes, you read that correctly. For less than a pack of gum you get full, unfettered access to +300 kids yoga resources, anytime, anywhere. Commit to growing professionally and personally. Join US!

Annual Membership
Annual Membership
Price: $183.00

Because you gain access to the entire library of resources as soon as you become a member we DO NOT offer refunds. Your All Access Pass will automatically renew after one year. At anytime you can contact donna@yogainmyschool.com to cancel your membership to the YIMS Teacher’s Lounge.


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