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Going to the Beach

A group of young yogis use their creativity to enlarge the Sea Shells game from Once Upon a Pose into a intricate and exciting Going to the Beach adventure.

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Kids Yoga Games – Body Chalk Board

Body Chalk Board is a great way to increase awareness and sensory perception. Learning to rely on touch alone is a challenging skill and helps to focus attention and improve mindfulness.

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Kids Yoga Outside – Summer Yoga is Everywhere

Summertime is for playing outside. These kids recently took their yoga out of doors and played with various props (rocks, statues, and benches) found along a river. The inspiration came from the gorgeous First Nations themed statues

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Useful and Fun Yoga Games – Yoga Jenga

Most of us are familiar with the game of physical and mental skill called Jenga where a number of wooden blocks are stacked in a tower and each player must try to remove one block per turn using only one hand without toppling the tower. Adding a yoga element to this classic game is a sure fire hit to include in yoga class.

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My Favourite Yoga Prop – Parachute

A parachute is an ideal prop to involve a large group of children, teens and adults in cooperative, non-competitive activities and games. These six games help reinforce turn-taking and sharing as well as develop listening skills, gross and fine motor skills, and coordination.

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Cinco de Mayo Kids Yoga Fiesta Fun

I love Cinco de Mayo. Maybe its the lively music, amazing food, remembrances of time spent in Latin America, or the fun atmosphere at every Cinco de Mayo fiesta I’ve attended. Each year I like to include some fun Cinco de Mayo inspired yoga activities into my kids yoga classes.

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