Once Upon a Pose: A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children

by Donna Freeman

book coverDescribed as “a unique triumph,” this guide will provide parents and teachers with all they need to know to practise yoga with kids. This one-of-a-kind book shows you step-by-step how to teach yoga to kids aged 3-12. Here you’ll find

  • pose descriptions with cheerful models
  • breathing exercises
  • suggestions for asthmatics
  • relaxation techniques with easy to implement five minute guided imagery sessions
  • a multitude of fun yoga games and activities, and
  • a section on yoga for special needs.

Each of the 10 yoga adventure stories have French translations and take 20-40 minutes to complete, making it perfect for meeting the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) requirement. Included are 108 classroom applications for Preschool to Grade 6, along with numerous ideas to incorporate yoga into the program of studies taught in schools. In depth yet ultimately usable, Once Upon a Pose was designed for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in working with children. Doing yoga with your kids has never been easier.

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Donna Freeman carries the torch onward to keep imagination in children’s education and lives, connecting mind with the body to keep children healthy and literate. –  Sydney Solis, founder of Story Time Yoga

Once Upon a Pose is a unique triumph! Donna Freeman has successfully produced a comprehensive and ingenious guide for students and teachers. She represents a strong voice in thoughtful demonstrating the value of yoga on the body and mind. I’m particularly impressed on the coverage given to special needs cases with ADHD, autism and Downs and the way she connects yoga poses and storytelling. It’s truly the first book of its kind that covers it all in a very clever way. – Mary Kay Chryssicas, author or I Love Yoga, Breath and Yoga for Teens


  • Chapter 1 – Yoga 101 – an overview of what yoga is, it’s origins, the different styles of yoga, yogic language, yamas & niyamas, and what you need to practice yoga
  • Chapter 2 – How to use Yoga – the benefits of yoga for kids, the classroom applications of yoga for Pre-School to Grade 6, Yoga Clubs, Yoga Camps, and Special Needs including ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy & Down Syndrome
  • Chapter 3 – The Stories – 10 unique yoga adventure stories in English and French
  • Chapter 4 – Asanas – how to perform 60 asanas with photographs and step-by-step instructions
  • Chapter 5 – Breathing – understanding the breath, yoga for Asthma, and a variety of breathing exercises safe for children
  • Chapter 6 – Relaxation – why relaxation is so vital for our children, a selection of guided imagery relaxations to use with children
  • Chapter 7 – Fun with Yoga – creative exercises, yoga games & activities


I just received the copy of your wonderful book. Thank you so much for sending! I look forward to exploring it and recommending it to teacher training students around the world. Thanks! —Shana Meyerson, founder MiniYogis

I’m not sure what to say without sounding stupid or corny but suffice it to say I was moved to tears. Do you have any idea what a benefit this book would be to homeschoolers? The related learning objectives alone put me OVER THE MOON!! I’m actually having a hard time breathing I’m so excited! —Stacey Ibach

I have been using your book at my literacy visits and it is wonderful. One little fellow, who was having problems with speech, created a new yoga move called ‘the meatball’ it involved putting his feet behind his head. The yoga was great for him! —Steph Sachar, Building Blocks Program Instructor

Just wanted to say a GIANT thank you for publishing your book ‘Once Upon a Pose’. I ordered it as soon as it came out. I’m a fairly new yoga for kids teacher (since last summer), and these stories help me SO much. I’ve just recently opened my own business and so you’ve saved me a lot of time in lesson planning going forward. Can’t thank you enough! This past week I taught your ‘Flying and Crawling’ story about 10 times. The inchworm is a huge hit. —Lisa Kelly, founder Centre for Art and Soul

I wanted to let you know that I love your book, Once Upon a Pose. It’s a wonderful resource, full of ideas for stories, flow of poses and background information on benefits. Thanks!  I actually used your book in the classes I taught yesterday and it went very well. Very easy to follow and the kids enjoyed it too. I also really like the fact that you put the letter to parents in the book for schools to use….anything that can simplify the adoption of the program is a good thing. —Laura Bakosh, teacher

 Behind the Scenes of Once Upon a Pose

Podcast: The Journey to Publishing a Kids Yoga Book



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