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Become an Ambassador Yoga Teacher

Love yoga? Want to enrich your understanding? Share your knowledge?

This approach to training presents new opportunities for adults and youth to attain Yoga Alliance certification. It gives graduates a healthy way to earn extra money while nurturing the wise teacher within, at a pace that fits with the demands of home or student life. Ages 14+ welcome.

  • Take a journey of self discovery
  • Deepen your practice and understanding of yoga
  • Become involved in the yoga teaching community
  • Benefit from small classes and personalized instruction (limit 15 participants)
  • Enjoy ongoing access to outstanding mentors

The Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered program.

The training hours have been broken down into four modules, each of which contain all the fundamental elements required for your certification and registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT 200). The modules can be started at any time and completed at a pace that fits your life. We encourage a commitment to complete the program within two years.

4 Modules x 50 hours each = 200 hours


Download the Ambassador YTT PDF – outline of the modules and information to apply for the scholarship

Ambassador Pie Chart of 4 Modules - Web quality

Module Descriptions

Each module is 50 hours: 48 hours in class, 2 hours non-contact.

Each Module costs $840.00 CD incl GST

Dress in layers. Bring your yoga mat, a 2″ binder, pen and journal. Please bring a bag lunch and water bottle. Tea and snacks provided.

Lahari Yoga Studio: Home of Ambassador Yoga YTT

We are thrilled to partner with Lahari Yoga Studio in St Albert, AB as the home of the Ambassador Yoga 200 HR YTT.


The Enlightened Life Module

Explore the wisdom of a Yogic lifestyle through the Yamas and Niyamas, commonly called the do’s and don’ts of yoga. These insights form the foundation of the Eight Limb Path, a series of yoga philosophies that provide useful guidelines to ground, inspire and enlighten you. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will also serve as a reference to assist you in threading the truths of these ancient teachings into your modern life.

Required Reading: The Sutras of Patanjali

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Anatomy of a Healthy Life Module

Learn the technical aspects of the classical yoga postures (asanas) and the human anatomy and physiology required to teach them. You’ll advance your own physical practice and become confident instructing five powerful breathing techniques (pranayama). Deepen your understanding of the ways yoga creates strength and balance with a complete examination of the body locks (bandhas) and how modern science is used to support and demystify yogic traditions.

Required Reading: The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad

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Finding Calm in the Age of Speed Module

Yog-ahhh! The magic of yoga lies in the connection between the body, the spirit and the mind. Deepen your understanding of this connection through a comprehensive look at our internal energetic system, the Chakras!  Becoming aware of the association between yogic anatomy and physical anatomy help you’ll recognize unbalanced emotional, physical and intellectual states of being and acquire tools that restore balance. You’ll start teaching the classical postures in gentle and restorative ways with practical modifications that make them accessible to all your students. You’ll also be able to teach others how to find calm though chanting, meditation, and yoga nidra.

Required Reading: Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasiter

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Past, Present and Future of Yoga Module

Journey into the lessons and teachings of the spiritual roots of yoga philosophy through ancient texts and engage in practical conversations so you can apply these teaching to modern life. Learn specific techniques to help remove obstacles on your path and remain present and grounded while building your yoga business. Keep your head and standards high as you embrace your new endeavors with integrity and a very open heart!

Required Reading: The Bhagavad Gita

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What participants are saying:

The last year has been an absolute whirlwind and yoga made me love every moment. I have learnt so much more than asana, pranayama and spirituality. I learnt to love life again; to experience joy in all aspects, all moments and most of all help my littles see light and love in each moment we are blessed with our journeys. I am so thankful to Donna and Larissa for opening the door and inviting me in. So incredibly grateful for the people I have shared this journey with and the knowledge I have gained.

~Andrea Coull

I’m currently dong my YTT at Lahari with Larissa, Donna and Keira. I was a little apprehensive about signing up for it because my personal yoga practice hasn’t been inside a studio since I had kids 4 years ago. I thought I might not be good enough or that I would feel out of place, but I really wanted to deepen my understanding of yoga beyond the physical postures to help me regain some balance and confidence in my life that was missing. So I took a leap of faith and signed up…and I am so glad I did. From the minute you walk in the door, you can feel the welcoming energy of Lahari. It’s like a den for love and acceptance. They teach you how to work with different bodies and really emphasize that yoga is an inclusive practice for everyone, while also showing you how to challenge yourself and grow. You can tell immediately that their yoga experience runs deep and to watch them demonstrate postures is awe-inspiring. I did my first yoga class over 10 years ago and I’ve had a lot of exposure to different studios in various cities, but I’ve never found anywhere quite like Lahari. I can’t even put my gratitude for these amazing teachers into words. Donna, Keira and Larissa are incredible yoga guides that embark on our sessions with so much love, empathy, kindness and honesty that it just vibrates through everyone in the room. It’s such a loving and healing energy to be around. I highly recommend Lahari and Ambassador YTT to anyone looking for a truly welcoming yoga experience.

~Samantha Roth


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