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Building Self Confidence: 4 Tips for Transforming your Teen into a Healthy and Proud Adult

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to better understand your teenager, and to help her grow into a mature and confident adult.

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Kids Yoga and the Power of Storytelling

Explore the magic that happens whenever you combine oral storytelling and yoga as children unleash their creativity, develop listening and literacy skills and connect with their inner selves with guest Sydney Solis.

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Yoga and Friends

By dissolving some of the unnecessary barriers between the body, the mind, and the world, yoga can increase social skills, social abilities, and the quality of a child’s social life.

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Mindfulness for Youth with Dr Dan Siegel

Discover the importance of mindful awareness in youth to foster positive mental, physical and relational health and well-being during this 30 minute interview with mindfulness expert Dr Daniel Siegel.

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A Day at Kids Yoga Camp

Children are often intrigued by the idea of yoga camp. However they and their parents may not have any idea of what they are really going to be doing during their time at camp. Here is a list of some activities you can expect from a well organized kids yoga camp.

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Life Lessons from a Butterfly

Butterflies can teach us so much about change, growth and embracing our best selves. Let your inner butterfly dance upon the breeze with these life lessons.

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