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My Favorite Kids Yoga Prop – Live Flowers

Discover how to incorporate flowers into your kids yoga classes: mindfulness, breathing, poses, relaxation and more ideal for children of all ages.

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My Favourite Yoga Prop – Scarves

Scarves are fun and creative to use in kids yoga class. Here are a number of ideas from breathing to yoga games with a scarf.

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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat: Vital Skill for ALL Yogis

Regular yoga mat cleaning needs to be something on your yoga radar – ordor, germs, bacteria…need I say more. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to do this, or even that it needs to be done until the odor becomes rather offensive and child’s pose is no longer a pleasant experience.

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My Favourite Prop – Magic Singing Bowl

There are dozens of potential uses for a singing bowl in a children’s yoga class, but the one that is the most potent is also the absolute simplest. It has a unique way of engaging children’s cooperation in the exact manner that you hope, while at the same time showing a profound respect for their independence.

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Two Minute Mindfulness Practice

Here is a simple two minute mindfulness practice/lesson to repeat daily and includes one minute of mindful listening and one minute of mindful breathing.

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My Favourite Yoga Prop – Eye Pillows

Eye pillows are one of those little things that make a big difference. The simple gesture of placing an eye pillow on a student as they transition into savasana builds trust and becomes a ritual that kids and teens look forward to each class.

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