Mindful Essentials for Educators and Students

Mindful Essentials for Educators and Students

 Mindful Essentials

 helps students and educators handle the stress of modern life through mindfulness, movement, neuroscience and positive psychology.

Mindful Essentials for Educators

Bring Mindful Essentials to your staff

Empower your staff with tools that help students to calm down, self regulate and manage stress. Discover easy to implement and highly effective tools and strategies to reduce stress, promote well-being and produce positive school outcomes. We offer in-person and virtual video conferencing workshops making it convenient and easy to learn and implement Mindful Essentials into your organization. World wide service available.

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Mindful Essentials Classroom Sessions

Bring Mindful Essentials to your students

Each session of Mindful Essentials incorporates mindfulness tools in a straight forward and intentional way using five elementsmindful-essentials-5-elements

  • Breathe
  • Connect
  • Affirm
  • Stretch
  • Relax

These elements teach fundamental life skills which can be immediately applied into daily life to help manage the stress of modern life. Classes include video, discussions, mindfulness practices, movement session and relaxation.

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  • Email: info@yogainmyschool.com
  • Call/text: 780-903-6544

Mindful Essentials Objectives



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Chakras for Tweens and Teens Lesson Plan

Chakras for Tweens and Teens Lesson Plan

Gaining an understanding of the energetic body provides a deeper understanding of our connections, subtle energy and how we interact with the world.

This lesson plan provides an overview of the seven principle chakras and introduces tweens and teens to yoga practices of breath, movement, mantra and meditation to balance the energetic body. It includes a brief explanation of the chakras, an origami rainbow visual/craft, suggested practices for each of the seven chakras and an audio chakra meditation.


How to Make Reading Aloud Come Alive

How to Make Reading Aloud Come Alive


Jody, a librarian technician & one of our fab Teacher Trainees, shares tips on reading aloud to make it come alive. Topics include picking the right books, intonation, expression, volume, asking questions and more. Includes tons of book recommendations for your kids yoga classes.

Reading in kids yoga classes improves understanding and increases literacy skills as children embody the stories.

To Learn More about Yoga 4 Literacy



100th Episode Celebration plus Massive Kids Yoga Giveaway

100th Episode Celebration plus Massive Kids Yoga Giveaway

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for the 100th Episode of the Yoga In My School podcast on iTunes.

I started the podcast as a way of adding interesting content on my then blog back in 2009. The first few episodes were a steep learning curve as I dove into a unfamiliar format and technology. My first live guest was Abby Wills of Shanti Generation. Since then I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 100 leaders in the yoga and mindfulness community with a distinct bent toward kids yoga and school yoga programs.

A couple years ago I nearly gave up on this labor of love as I didn’t know if anyone was listening. Well they are….and in droves with over 200,000 listens. While attending the National Kids Yoga conference and through contact with the world wide youth yoga community I’ve come to learn that many, many kids yoga enthusiasts listen to these podcasts and love them. If you are one of our dear listeners please rate the podcast on iTunes.

I invite the world wide kids yoga community to celebrate this milestone. Join a number of guests of past episodes, who are now cherished friends and colleagues, chime in live on Jan 5th, 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 am Pacific. You can listen in live (or after the event).



Massive Kids Yoga Giveaway

In conjunction with the 100th Episode we are giving away a plethora of kids yoga swag. Enter via Rafflecopter below. Contest runs midnight Dec 26th to Jan 4th, 2017. Multiple entries allowed including daily sharing via Twitter. Winners of all prizes will be announced during the live broadcast.

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100th Episode PRIZES:


To the show’s listeners, guests and generous sponsors



Fostering Relaxation and Calm in Children with Carolyn Clarke

Fostering Relaxation and Calm in Children with Carolyn Clarke

Having just released her third volumn of guided relaxations for children, Imaginations 3, Carolyn Clarke shares tips of fostering relaxation and calm in children. Her Imagination series of beautifully crafted, child friendly scripts offer parents, teachers, kids yoga instructors and more a wealth of resources to use with children.

We’ll get the background on the inspiration for the visualizations, how the art is created and tips to create a conducive environment for inviting calm.

In our hurried and over programmed world relaxation is a gift which we all need. Share it this holiday season with those you love.




itunesYoga In My School podcast on iTunes

If you enjoyed this interview rate and review the show so others can find it.

+100 more on the Yoga In My School podcast on iTunes.

12 Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness

12 Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness are far reaching. More than improving flexibility and strength, yoga and mindfulness impact the social, emotional, mental and physical health of everyone who practices. So give it a try. Get on your mat, take a deep breath, and take advantage of the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness.


Yoga 4 Classrooms compiles a RESEARCH REPOSITORY – a FREE compilation of peer reviewed published studies and research review articles regarding yoga and mindfulness for youth.

Want to share these benefits with others?

Become a Yoga Teacher with our 200 hr Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training


take a weekend workshop to become a kids yoga instructor


train online with our convenient online courses.

Move, Memorize, Meditate: Kids Yoga Game

Move, Memorize, Meditate: Kids Yoga Game

I love yoga games and learning a new one is always a highlight. This past weekend at a  YIMS teacher training workshop Maureen, one of the participants, shared Move, Memorize, Meditate.

Here are the basics.

  • first divide the group into partners or threes and give them a pose – it can be their own choice or a pose the teacher picks. They need to remember who their partner is and how to do the pose – this is the MEMORIZE portion. With older group you may have a Memorize TREE with one partner, Memorize BOAT with another partner and Memorize WARRIOR with a third partner (any combination of poses works).

Now you are ready to play.

  • when the teacher says MOVE everyone moves through the space – you can walk, skip, hop, run, swim or whatever motion works for your class theme.
  • when the teacher says MEMORIZE you find your buddy/partner and perform your partner pose (see above). If you have used multiple poses simply say the pose name.
  • when the teacher says MEDITATE everyone lays down on their mat in savasana or sits in easy pose/criss cross mudras optional) and meditates.

Teacher continues to switch it up between Move, Memorize and Meditate for as long as is fun or time allows.

This game is tons of fun and keeps everyone listening, moving and playing yoga together.

Enjoy this clip as a group of 5-7 year olds play Move, Memorize, Meditate.

For 112 more yoga games enjoy Yoga Games Galore

Yoga Games Galore
Yoga Games Galore
Packed with 112 fabulous games, this Kids Yoga Teacher Resource is essential for teaching fun & playful kids, teens and family yoga classes. Includes breathing games, active yoga games, mindfulness games, relaxation games, and games with yoga props. Never be at a loss for what to do in class with Yoga Games Galore. 40 pg full color PDF

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