Ten Trees: Varieties of Tree Pose


Discover how to take a basic yoga tree pose (vrksasana) and make it into something playful, creative and interesting. From tree pose with namaste hands to tricky tree and beyond you’re sure to find inspiration for your next kids yoga class in Ten Trees. All these versions of tree pose build balance, focus and concentration while increasing creativity, poise and grace. And best of all they’re FUN!

Which is your fave?

How many varieties can you come up with?



  1. Donna,
    This is hilarious! Humor is very important when working with kids.
    I am a tree hugger. I like your birds through the trees and Christmas tree as well.

    Keep up the smiles!

  2. Hi Donna, Thank you for sharing these fun ways to teach yoga to kids. I really like the tree hugger, since my kids always climb on trees anyway and this just fits right in. How fun!!!

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